About Recruit For Teachers

Recruit for teachers is an educational recruiting company that works differently from the others. We do not charge our educators, everything we do for the candidate is, and always will be, completely FREE.

We are educators working internationally and can answer the hard questions you have honestly and prepare you for the experience of working in an international school. Our Staff look to build long-term relationships with our candidates and learn about their first-hand experiences in the school they sign with.

Teachers regularly spend hours applying for positions internationally and rarely get many responses. As teachers, we have gone through the grueling process of applying for international school positions.

What Recruit for Teachers does is link you to school principals and HR teams directly on your behalf. We take care of the pre-screening and aid you through the interview process answering all of your questions and preparing you for what to expect at the school and in your interview. We make sure our candidates pick the right school for them and DO NOT pressure any candidate to sign a contract. Our goal is for your happiness and to set you up for a great experience.

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